why is VR/AR/MR/XR amazing?

Benefits in VR/AR/MR/XR

measured increase in effectiveness, production and training-effects of enterprise employees who have trained in VR/AR solution

Save Training Time

VR Training - VW, T6 Multivan

less Cost Maintenance-Training

AR-Training - DELTA Airlines

Minimize Training period for machines

VR-Training - Festo

feel prepared Dangerous situations

VR-Training, Verzion

more Production time

AR-Training, Boeing

Reduce injuries in assembly

VR-Training, Ford

no own VR-Headset availableRent a VR-Headset*

we send post and meet you in full immersive VR-Collaboration Space

*rent for two Weeks in Germany excl. shipping costs DHL - you need only Internet-Access for the VR-Collaboration-Space
the offer is only valid together with the circle training or consulting

Rent VR-Headset - 99 Euro